New ABD London Web Site

The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has a dedicated web site to cover news and issues in the London area. It is present at (the name simply indicating that drivers in London are corralled and penalised in a total unreasonable manner by unnecessary restrictions, reductions in road space, and excessive charges – they definitely need liberating).

We have just launched a new version of the web site which is more modern in appearance and easier to use. The old one was developed many years ago in Microsoft Frontpage which is a totally obsolescent item of software and no longer supported so that alone indicated a rewrite was overdue. The new site still links to many of the old pages which will take some time to update but most of the key pages are already revamped.

Please let us have any comments you may have on the new web site or additional coverage you would like included. The web site is a valuable archive of information and resources for anyone interested in traffic and transport issues in London.

Roger Lawson


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